The Key Master (aka Keyholder) of the entrance to the Underworld.


He is a strange skeleton with a long horse-like head and ceremonial armor. He stands at the base of the path to the Underworld. He watches over new arrivals with a discerning eye, handing tickets to the spirits desiring admittance.

His job is to issue tickets to the recently departed so that they may enter through the gates into the underworld of the Isle of the Dead. His main job however was to guard a unique Skeleton Key, that can unlock any lock. Alexander forced him to dance by playing "Them Dry Bones" on a bone xylophone located near the gates. The dancing made him lose the Skeleton Key.

The souls give the tickets received from the Keyholder to the Door Master to enter the Underworld.


  • Key Master
  • Keyholder

Behind the scenesEdit

The title Keyholder originates from the King's Quest Companion, and the Key Master originates from the KQ6 Hintbook.

Its interesting to note that Alexander sees no place for the key to be used on the Underworld Entrance. Its unclear what purpose the key is actually used for. Some presume that it can lock the gates if need be.

Key Master (fan games)Edit

See Key Master (unofficial)

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