• Opening/Title theme and ending theme changed. A remix of the ending music of KQ3.
  • A variation of the above theme appears when Graham bow's before the king.
  • The death music is replaced.
  • The danger theme music is replaced.
  • Assorted musical themes added to the Giant, the Dragon, etc.
  • The witch screams with digitized speech.
  • the witch cackles as it flies through the air carrying Graham (digitized speech)
  • The ogre 'roars' (digital sound)
  • Falling into water and struggling to swim has a digital splash.
  • Swimming underwater has bubble sounds.
  • Falling has a cucco sound (digital sound) at the end if you survive.
  • Wolf barks randomly when it appears. (digital sound)
  • Wolf barks and growls when it captures Graham. (digltal sound)
  • There is a new fanfare that announces friendly characters that appear in the game.
  • Condor makes loud screeching sound (Digital sound)
  • The giant rat squeaks (digital sound)
  • The dragon makes fire breathing sounds (digital sound).
  • Bucket makes a rotating squeaky sound as you lower it or descend (digital sound)
  • Falling has a digital sound kind of a descending scale.
  • Goat makes bleats (digital sound).
  • Waterfall/rivers make loud water over rock sounds (digital sound).
  • Witch makes
  • The Fairy Godmother's magic spell is digital sound.
  • There are various tones for solving puzzles (such as a ding for picking up items, a fanfare for solving more difficult puzzles, a jingle for discovering a treasure, and flurrish for finding the major treasures, the original versions do not have this).
  • The Sorcerer's spell is a digital sound (almost electronic/electrical sounding).
  • Giant makes snoring sounds (digital sound)
  • The violen no longer magic, and doesn't float above the leprechauns playing on its own.
  • The River Crossing glitch to reach the Mushroom isle appears to be fixed...
  • The dwarf no longer has a run away tune, instead there is a 'plop' sound to indicate he has stolen something.
  • There is a rock-scraping sound when moving the boulder (digital sound)
  • All doors have a squeeky door sound (digital sound).
  • The magic giant fiddle animation is removed from the scene where fiddle is played before the Leprechauns.
  • Short diddy plays inside of the Leprechaun Throne room, if you haven't played the fiddle yet.


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