King's Quest Chapter II: Rubble Without A Cause (aka King's Quest: Rubble Without a Cause) is the second chapter of the new King's Quest: Adventures of Graham.


In chapter two, Goblins have kidnapped everyone in Daventry, and a newly crowned King Graham must learn to be the leader the kingdom needs. The second chapter will take place five years after the first and will introduce new characters as well as furthering the stories of fan favorites like Olfie, Whisper, Acorn, Amaya the blacksmith, Wente the Baker, and the Hobblepots. Perhaps we will even find out what the goblins are doing with all those stolen mattresses.

There was a hidden Mysterious Cave Entrance that can be found in the First Chapter which is noted to be 'foreshadowing'. Daventry castle and the moat monster is also said to be foreshadowing. There are still more mysteries of the cave, and questions why goblins are stealing beds, and other things.

The preview image at the end of Chapter 1 shows Graham surrounded by Goblins in the rain.

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