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Story Time Hall Gart Enters Gart Leaves Story Time Bedroom Lightning Flash Castle Rats Achaka Statue Leaving Castle Ending Monologue Anxiety Prison River Mordon Reveal Tense Town Goblin Menace Goblin Castle Castle Dragon Shadow Castle Draw Bridge Castle Hat Release the Prisoners Dragon Shadow Castle Cape Fear Moat Loop Into the Moat Moat Success Overlook Amaya Overlook Bramble Overlook Chester Cape Fishing Goblin Quest Offered Their He Found Filled With Enter Wrong Choice Goblin Pounce Guards of Antony Outsmart Griffin Summon Amaya Summon Bramble SummonChester Heart Strength Wisdom Wasn't Enough Adventure Cap Bravery Heart Finale Wisdom Finale Cold Open Alchemists Eat Soup Idle Alchemists Alchemists Escape Alchemists Flies Potion Alchemists Froggy Freak Alchemists Eyes of Flies After Eat Eyes of Flies Eating Second Floor Mayday Loop Alchemists Give Food Second Floor Loop Bakers Poison Sweetycakes Bramble Cured Bramble Escape Amaya First Guard Amaya Second Guard Amaya Give Blade Final Guard Amaya Escape Amaya Guard Choice Cake Death Cell Graham First Sleep Cell Morning Shake Down Shake Down Sleep First Floor Loop Prison Despair New Third Position Death Rat Cell Chest Rumple Bumper Goblin Lullaby Farmer in the Dell Yankee Doodle Cinderella Loop Cinder Lose Slipper Cinder Potion Cinder Slipper Cinder Bone Bomb Merchant Loop Open Chest Final safe Pipe Loop Frog Prince Kissing Frogs Goblin Garden Cob Web Intro Rat Intro Dragon Trip Hallway PTDS Meeting Goblin King Third Floor It Takes Two Townsperson Death Pea Loop Sword N Stone Tower Loop

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