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King's Quest II SCI: Romancing the Throne Sci was a fan project being created solely by MusicallyInspired (Brandon Blume) to recreate King's Quest II in Sierra's SCI0 engine, the same engine that games like Space Quest III, King's Quest IV, and Police Quest II were made in; EGA 16-color dithered graphics with parser interface and mouse support.

Note: There is currently no related website for this game, but the developer had occasionally discussed his work on Fan related Sierra and game forums mentioning that he was still actively developing it. However concrete development updates or screenshots of new work are few and far between, and there hasn't been a strong progress update for at least a couple of years.

The developer has stepped down from working on it, and it is currently on indefinite hold while the author pursues other things in life (though he would like others to take over it, if it is in the same spirit of his work).[1] A competition was ran for others to contributenew artwork for the game, for the unfinished rooms, but it is unclear how successful the campaign was, and if there has been any progress in developing the game.


This is possible by using Bryan Provinciano's SCI Studio 3 and troflip's SCI Companion It will follow the same artistic style and fleshing-out that Sierra's King's Quest I SCI remake received. Some scenes will be redesigned from scratch while others will be recreations of the original AGI scenes. The game will extend the introduction and epilogue cutscenes with additional material, it expand the script in much the same way KQ1SCI expanded upon the script in KQ1AGI. Like KQ1SCI, a few puzzles may be changed to make more sense logically, and some settings or situations slightly modified to improve the atmosphere (similar to how the woodcutter and his wife were sick and starving in addition to being poor, rather than just poor as in the original).

The remake will not change the story to the main portion of the game to the extent that AGD Interactive's King's Quest II+ remake did.

This project is being created for the people who love the old parser system (as well as 16-colour graphics) and were not satisfied with the AGS remake by AGD Interactive which contained a hefty amount of additional material not found in the original game. Basically it's essentially 1:1 (except for the extended cutscenes).

The KQ2SCI website was located at [KQ2SCI but the webpage has been put up, and taken down multiple times. Currently it only directs to Brandon Blume's musical company.

Most recent 'known' update; [[2]].



-Introduction Video
-Gameplay Video


KQ2SCI will contain a completely new soundtrack written from scratch designed for the Roland MT-32 Synthesizer Module (like most Sierra games were), but will also support Adlib, Tandy 3-Voice, and PC Speaker sounds as well. The soundtrack will be converted to SCI0's sound format for in-game playback through a program called Soundbox. A digital MT-32 soundtrack will be available for download separately on the game's website but, due to the obvious limitations of the SCI0 engine, will not be able to be used as a digital music pack in-game. Likewise, neither will there be a voice pack.


In order to play this remake once it's completed you'll need either (in order of recommendation) and old computer running Windows 98 or earlier (though MS-DOS is preferred), DOSBox, ScummVM, or FreeSCI.

External Links

  • SCI Companion - Troflip's SCI game-creating tool inspired by SCI Studio. Includes extra features that SCI Studio never had like a bitmap-to-picture converter!
  • ScummVM - ScummVM is a multi-platform interpreter for several 2D adventure games from such developers as LucasArts, Revolution Software, Humongous Entertainment, Coktel Vision, Westwood, and Adventuresoft among many others. It also has support for Sierra's AGI and SCI adventures.
  • DOSBox - An x86 emulator with full Adlib/Sound Blaster compatibility as well as a stock-full of other useful features.