King's Quest II ½ (SCS): A Tale of Two Kingdoms was going to be an unofficial fan-made game that was being developed by Solar Crescent Studios, however it was suspended in that form, and is now being developed as a non King's Quest Game. The game as it was originally was being made, was to be set between King's Quest II and King's Quest III.


The ancient kingdom of Theylinn is beset by enemies both from within and without. Within the castle walls, nobles vie for the old King's favor, and not everybody is happy with the sole heir to the throne, princess Rhiannon. Meanwhile, danger approaches, in the form of an invading army, a hostile giant, and a mercenary troop who are ancient enemies of the Theylann king. And there is mystery yet. For hidden within the borders of Theylinn lies a second kingdom, named Thierna na Oge, where the fairies reign. Little is known about this shrouded, exotic realm.

In the score years between King Graham's wedding to Valanice and their son Alexander's triumphant return and defeat of the vicious dragon, a tale of intrigue, romance and heroism unfolds. Graham takes his army to the nearby realm of Theylinn at its King Vortigern's behest, to aid the struggling country against a goblin invasion. But in the dark of the night, a foul murder is committed, and Graham wrongly takes the blame. Framed and imprisoned, our beloved king must escape and travel the lands incognito in search of the real assassin, not to mention a solution for the goblin troubles. Featuring a full cast of giants, fairies, wizards and scheming nobility. Coming soon to a computer near you!

Released as a non-King's Quest gameEdit

However it is no longer a King's Quest game, it has been converted into an original story with its own original characters, to avoid copyright issues.

Behind the scenesEdit

For related demos, see King's Quest II ½: Burden of the Crown.

Links Edit

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