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Quest IV: The Perils Of Rosella is an unofficial remake of King's Quest IV, made by Magic Mirror Games (MMG) formerly known as Just Some Guys (JSG).

The game is currently on hold indefinitely[1].

October 9, 2010: Progress on the demo had been limited by the lack of sprite development. However, we are again making progress as we are pleased to welcome two new sprite artists to our team:

janinex9 Shadrack/King Alexander


Princess Rosella, daughter of Graham and Valanice, travels to the land of Tamir in search of the magic fruit that will aid her dying father and the talisman that will restore the fairy Genesta's power. Along the way, meet the Seven Dwarves, Cupid, the Frog Prince and Pan before your final battle with the evil Lolotte.



Team Leaders: Graham Blair and Steve Forse

Spokesperson: Graham Blair

Programmers: Steve Forse and Ryan Munchinsky

Hotspot Director: Morgan Hunt

Artists: Daniel Smith, Rachel King, Karen Soro and Sergio Mora

Musicians: Wayne and Mike

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