King's Quest IV-- A Technological Wonder

hy Jerry Albright


I ow many times have you booted up a game on your MS-DOS computer to hear a full stereo musical soundtrack bursting forth? The future of Sierra gaming promises that and much more as the most sophisticated computer adventure of all time gets ready to ship for your home com- puter.

Beginning with King's Quest IV, Sierra introduces a new line of technologically superior interactive movies, complete with stereo soundtracks, fully animated cartcKin sequences and double the graphics resolu- tion of previous Sierra adventures.

King's Quest IV is not only Sierra's most anticipated adventure to dale, but also its most exciting, with more technological advancements and features than any pre- vious adventure game from Sierra. With over 3 million dollars in underlying tech- nology. Sierra's 3-D Animated Adventure game system has earned raves around the world from both customers and software critics. King's Quest IV prepares its

proprietary system for the 199()'s with over $4()(),{KX) in technological improvements over its predecessors.

With over 1 1 man years in development and a team of over 13 programmers, developers and artists. King's Quest IV of-

Qucst IV by William Gold.stcin. known for his previous work on the IV senes Fame, the Touchstone Pictures film Hello Again, and the record album Switched-On Clas- sics. This origmal soundtrack gives Sierra's interactive computer software a

King's Quest / (AGi}

fers double the graphics resolution of our current adventure game line, interactivity that surpasses previous adventures, and a full 32-voice music capability that will simply astound you.

Forty minutes of original music have been composed especially for King's

King's Quest fV(SCh

truly cinematic sound quality with its sup- port of IBM's eight-voice music card, the AdLib Music Synthesizer Card, and the Roland MT-32 music card (featuring a 32- voice synthesizer).

See Te( hnology page 9

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