The information from this article is from the fan game King's Quest IX: The Silver Lining VGA or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.


King's Quest IX: The Silver Lining VGA was a spoof/remake of The Silver Lining, specifically the demo. It was the first King’s Quest fan-made remake demo that featured true VGA graphics (256 colors), based on another King’s Quest fan game.


  • puzzles
  • graphics for Grown-Ups (320x200 with 256 colors)
  • real dialogs
  • no awful narrators (currently the demo uses the one from TSL, according to the designer this will be changed. The narrator will be replaced as soon as we have a better one.)
  • no bugs or crashes

Development plansEdit

  • Release an 1:1 2D-remake of episode 1.
  • Remake all other episodes (2-5).
  • Put all episodes into one game and re-release it.
  • Add additional stuff and release the game as KQ9 Plus.
  • Develop voice packs... or start a remake of KQ8...

Behind the scenesEdit

The main intent of the game was to take a jab at Phoenix Online Studios, and perceived negative aspects concerning The Silver Lining, Episode 1; for example lack of length, and puzzles, and use of 3-d. The game's creator never went much further than a demo of the Castle of the Crown, and a few mock-up screens.

The game designer has since gone on to work with another Sierra fan game team, Magic Mirror Games, on KQ4 remake.

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