A portfolio of selected artwork from King's Quest V! While Supply lasts!

As part of our celebration of the release of King's Quest V, Sierra is now making available a special portfolio of quality reproductions of Cedric the Owl, King Graham with Crispin and Princess Cassima, the Witch's hut and a lush landscape from the land of Serenia.

King Graham of Daventry prepared to brave the dark enchantment of the witch's abode in the exciting new adventure KING's QUEST V from Sierra and Roberta Williams. The fifth chapter in the continuing adventures of the Royal Family of Daventry, King's Quest V surpasses all previous Sierra games in the stunning beauty of its graphics and the delightful musical score.

A complex story complete with challenging puzzles and complex character interaction sets the scene for King's Quest V from Sierra and Roberta William, originators of the 3-D Adventure Game. Here, Graham consults with two helpful game characters on his quest to rescue his family from captivity in a faraway land.

Cedric the owl is King' Graham's wise but sometimes unwilling guide to the perils of faraway lands in King's Quest V from Sierra, the latest magnificent chapter in Roberta Williams' award winning King's Quest series. Graham must embark on the most perilous quest of his career to rescue his family from the clutches of an evil magician.

Danger lurks in the most innocent places in the new adventure game from Sierra and Roberta Wiliams, King's Quest V. Designed and produced by the award winning designer of King's Quest, the most popular computer adventure series in history, this game sets new standards in computer entertainment.

Behind the scenesEdit

Photographs of the contents of the KQ5 Portfolio can now be viewed with kind permission from the Owner's collection of

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