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King's Quest XXXXVIII: Quest for Disk Space is the 48th game in the King's Quest series.


Introduced as an easter egg found in another sierra game, Space Quest IV, satirizing the King's Quest series, and the continuing need for more disk space as technology developed.

Said to be created by Sierra, it was available at Software Excess for 61 buckazoids. Software Excess is a video game store at the Galaxy Gallaria, a large mall in the Space Quest universe.

Roger noted when he saw teh copy... "King's Quest XXXXVIII-oh gee, give it up, Sierra. Give that poor old king a rest."

Back of BoxEdit

Presenting the latest in the award-winning King's Quest series, from the still-active mind of aging Roberta Williams III, latest in the award-winning Roberta Williams series. What happens when Old Man Graham and his family are kicked out of Daventry Condo Association? You'll meet the Fabulous Bernoulli Brothers, Prof. C.D. Romberg, and of course, Rumplestiltskim! Over 12 Gigabytes in length!

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The proper Roman numeral for this game would be XLVIII.
  • The reference to 'C.D. Romberg', may be both a reference to CD-Rom, as well as the reference to the black cloak in KQ2 which had the initials C.D. for Count Dracula.

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