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KQKingdom of Sorrow

This is the second of the three official King's Quest novels. Kingdom of Sorrow was written by Kenyon Morr (pseudonym of Mark Sumner and Marella Sands).


This novel takes place before the events in the first novel. Rosella is but seven years old and the kingdom is still in good shape. The book, in the beginning, gives enough backstory for the non-gamer to understand the gist of life at Castle Daventry.

In spring, Daventry suddenly finds itself trapped in unnatural cold weather and snow, a second winter, a curse of endless winter. Graham and Valanice are invited to the Old Wood of the fairies where they learn that Ahi'aorina, the Queen of the Old Wood - the very essence of Spring itself - has been kidnapped by the giant Dunstan.

It is up to Graham to track down the kidnapped queen and set things to right. He meets a variety of different characters with a variety of good and mediocre characterizations on his journey. Graham is accompanied by a wandering minstrel.


  • The date that the Kingdom of Sorrow took place is based on the fact that Rosella is seven in the book, and the story takes place during 'late spring'[1] or at least should be, the land is being affected by the continuing winter (a few pages later Graham contemplates that spring should be almost on them[2]. Still later that they were trying to find the Birthday Beast who had eaten the first buds of spring in the rose garden[3], Valanice states that it is the 'first of spring'[4]). Valanice later comments that she doesn't remember it snowing this 'late in spring'.[5] On the way back from Sorrowing Court, they travel through spring, and start seeing the first summer birds on the way back to Daventry[6] (suggesting that the story was moving into summer, but still in edge of spring). Karn had entered his glamour manarvel and apparently had intended to remain there a complete year in order to gain untold power (which also suggest he was waiting until summer to escape). According to information in KQ3 and See No Weevil the twins birthday occurs in the Fall. This would mean the story takes place during the first spring after Rosella's seventh birthday.
  • Graham thinks about Alexander early in the story, thinking he would be about the same age as the ten year old William if he was still around. In fact, he would be the same age as Rosella since they are twins (seven years old). However, Graham is technically correct (even if a bit awkward in phrasing), seven is about ten years old. Also under the circumstances he was alone with a boy who reminded him of his own son (Rosella in that moment hadn't even crossed his mind).[7]

Behind the scenesEdit

According to Ken Williams, Sierra had little to do with the books beyond licensing another company the permission to write them.[8], through special arrangement. The series were also mentioned in InterAction Magazine as a way to experience the magic of King's Quest without a computer, that would allow readers to follow their favorite characters in an all new adventure-fantasy stories.

According to the copyright page, while the book is copyrighted to the author/s (as well as to Sierra On-Line), all original characters introduced in the story are copyrighted characters of Sierra On-line. Sierra's name and seal appears on the back of the book.


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