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King's Quest IX concept ideas by Roberta Williams made around the release of KQ8 between 1998 and 1999.Edit

Roberta Williams concepts for KQ9Edit

King's Quest: Mask of Eternity was marginally successful for an an adventure game (though the bestselling adventure that year), but it wasn't enough for an official KQ9 to go into production under Sierra, and for the most part Roberta Williams brushed away questions about any future sequels in the series. However she did discuss an idea or two about what a future game might hold if she could have produced another game in the series... Some of these  thoughts includes;

How much of a role will the royal family play in Mask of Eternity? Will Connor marry Rosella, or is she still dating Edgar from King's Quest 7?

The only character from previous King's Quests will be a couple of cameo appearances by King Graham. I felt that it was time to feature a new character to the saga of King's Quest as long as we were updating the whole look and feel of the series. And--who knows? Perhaps in some future King's Quest game, Connor will at least meet Rosella! Don't worry, though. Connor is a very interesting character in his own right, and I'm sure he will win over many of the traditional King's Quest hearts.


"What if Connor met Rosella? That would be good... We got that problem with Edgar... Love triangles are always interesting." Roberta Williams -Mask of Eternity Talkspot Interview, Part 1.

While not specifically King's Quest related she has also said that the future of Adventure Gaming may have to rely on the multiplayer, and become something similar to MMORPG, but instead would be a Massively Multiplayer Online Adventure Game. In fact, she said originally there was a discussion for early on for KQ8 to have a multiplayer component, but it was something she had save for KQ9 instead (Talkspot Part I)

She has also said that perhaps fangame community is keeping the plate warm for her return.[2]

Roberta later she would have little involvement in future King's Quests ;

As to a King's Quest IX: Since I will never design a King;s Quest 9, it would be unfair of me to comment on any one else's endeavors in that area. However, if there were ever to be a King's Quest 9, I wish it luck and hope that it could revive interest in adventure gaming as a whole and in the original King's Quest games in general.


One of the ideas made for KQ8 that Graham was too old to go on adventures, and Alexander was now a king of another land, and less likely to go on Adventures on behalf of Daventry. Thus the need to introduce some new characters into the series. Would Roberta have kept this direction?

The official hintbook for KQ8, makes reference to King's Quest IX being the next game to be released in the future (although this never came to be).

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