The Knight School is the school that trains individuals to become part of the Knights of Daventry and the Rangers.


It is training center in Daventry where individuals learn the skills of a defender of the realm, and to join Daventry's army. Graham spent many years training there before he ventured on his first quest.[1]

Students train at the Knight School as squires before they can even join the Knights of Daventry.

He spent years scampering up and down ropes as part of his martial training.[2]

The Knight School may be associated with the Royal University.

It is likely located within or near castle Daventry, but training likely also takes place outside in the woods of Daventry as well.

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  1. Graham (Hoyle I):"I do consider education to be quite important. I spent many years in Knight School before I ventured on my first quest.", "Perhaps you would enjoy studying in Knight School, Sir Lenny, learning the skills of a defender of the realm."
  2. KQC2E, pg 30

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