Kolyma: Perfect One Day, Better The NextEdit

If you are considering traveling to the wonderous land of Kolyma, then you should be congratulated on your timing. For indeed, it has changed much since creation many years ago. The very occasional earthquake has altered the land to the east somewhat, creating deep chasms near the mountainside. The changing ocean levels in this region have caused an alteration in the shape of the coastline and, of course, the people themselves have relocated from where they once lived. Most now reside in the town, which is nestled in the safety of the mountains. A wise decision, for more than a few have claimed to hear the sounds of howling at night... a sign that many wild animals have moved into Wierwood Forest in recent times. As a result, few venture past the town gates, especially after dark.

This isolation and the relative scarcity of people throughout most of the realm has made Kolyma a haven for the tourist who wishes to soak up the natural atmosphere of the land. It has also made a significant convenience for those who have settled in Kolyma, far from the town and wish to maintain their privacy to pursue their own ambitions in peace. The realm of Kolyma is a wondrous land of beauty and, for the adventurous among you, danger.

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