The Lampseller is an old beggar and peddler who has his seat alongside the main street of the marketplace on the Isle of the Crown.


No one knows how long he has been peddling his lamps, or if his business is very profitable, but he is treated as a regular member of the bazaar. He offers new lamps in exchange for old ones. He admitted that he hoped he would find a Genie, and if not he could resell the lamps in the antiques market.

Alexander encountered the peddler after his completed Make Rain spell rendered his hunter's lamp useless. The peddler had a variety of lamps for trade, including Oriental paper lanterns and a sugar bowl-shaped lamp. In exchange for the hunter's lamp, Alexander unconsciously selected a replica of the genie Shamir Shamazel's blue lamp, which would be very useful later on.

The lamp peddler departed after doing business with Alexander, and was not seen again.

Behind the scenesEdit

A minor NPC encountered in KQ VI.

His title 'The Lampseller' originates from the KQ6 Hintbook, by Lorelei Shannon. In game he is described as a lampseller, an old beggar, a peddler, or lamp peddler, among other things.

He is voiced by Tony Jay