The Land of Faerie is a legendary home of the fairies.[1] It is legend spoken of in England. It is ruled by a queen.

Etheria has sometimes been described as the land of Faerie. Though it is unclear if it is the same place, or rather just the land of the Faerie for the Realm of Eldritch.

Genesta has been said to be a Faerie Queen, and rule the throne of Faerie (though its unclear if that is the Land of Faerie).[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Avalon is sometimes associated with the Land of Faerie. 15th-century poet and monk John Lydgate wrote that King Arthur was crowned in "the land of the fairy" and taken in his death by four fairy queens, to Avalon, where he lies under a "fairy hill", until he is needed again.[3]


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