The Land of Serenia (KQ5 era) [1]


The Land of Serenia is a large region lying to the north of Daventry (alternatively the Land of Serenia can also refer to the region between the desert, mountains, forest and river, also known simply as Serenia in most sources).


It encompasses the regions containing the Endless Desert of Serenia, the Sovereignty of Serenia, the northern Great Mountains (including Queen Icebella's realm), and the north-eastern shore of the continent along the Northern Sea. By some extension the Harpy Island and Mordack's Isle fall into the boundaries of this land.

The Land of Serenia can be thought of as essentially the northern half of continent of Daventry (when taken together also known as the continent of Serenia). At one time Harlin used his magic to change the geography of Serenia, dividing much of the land into two. Much of the land (including the Great Mountains) was moved to form a new continent known simpy as The North, in an area beyond the Unknown. This left behind a smaller continent, dominated largely by the kingdom of Daventry. Only a small portion of Serenia was left on the northern shore of the continent, including the Endless Desert (which had been moved by Harlin to encompass the village of Serenia), and parts of the Forest of Serenia, Harlin had devised a chasm to divide the two regions. This change to the continent of Daventry was marked in maps and sea charts at the time.

Some time, after the wanderer defeated Harlin, the continent merged again. The Land of Serenia was restored to its original configuration and geography. The town of Serenia was again surrounded by forests; the desert lie to its west, and the Great Mountains to its east.



  • The river has no known name, although most descriptions describe it as the 'rushing river', the KQ5 manual does speak of a Silver River, but this may not be the same thing.
  • There is a town below the Roc nest (which lies outside of Sovereignty of Serenia's domain as it lays past Queen Icebella's realm). The little village consists of huts on cliffs with rope bridges crossing between chasms. These share some similarities with the tents used by the Weirdlings in the Barrens, but are of a more solid structure (seeming to be made out of stone).


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