Latin is the language of the sciences.[1] Rosella had to learn how to conjugate latin phrases from her tutors. Throckmorton's hobby was conjugating latin verbs. It is the language of the sciences.[2] Llewdor College does not teach Latin.


  • Stavernia prolepolsus
  • Crotalus spledens
  • Rynchophora
  • Laburnum
  • Felis domesticus[3] (domestic cat)
  • sanctum sanctorum[4] (holy of holies)
  • Formicidae Rex ("King Ant")[5]
  • Hymenoptera Regina ("Queen Bee")[6]
  • Imbrium (rain or showers)
  • terra incognita ("unknown land")
  • Leo (lion)

Behind the scenesEdit

Note that some of the words may be latinized words, and not actually true latin.

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