The leader of Grey elves is compared to or described as the Leader of the Pack. Neither truly bad nor truly good, elves per se, like the Leader of the Pack, are, "good-bad, but...not evil".

Behind the scenesEdit

"Leader of the Pack" is a 1964 pop song recorded by girl group The Shangri-Las.

The song is about a girl named Betty, asked by friends to confirm that she is dating Jimmy, the leader of a motorcycle gang. After singing of love at first sight ("I met him at the candy store/He turned around and smiled at me/You get the picture?/That's when I fell for the Leader of the Pack"), Betty's heart turns to despair as she bemoans her parents' disapproval. The parents claim Jimmy hails from "the wrong side of town" and ask Betty to tell Jimmy goodbye and find someone new.

Betty does as she is asked, and Jimmy speeds off on his motorcycle. Moments later, he crashes on a rain-slickened surface and dies; Betty's pleas for Jimmy to slow down were in vain.

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