The information from this article is from the fan game King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.

Legenimor, was the First King of Daventry, according to the unofficial KQ2 (AGDI).


He was a powerful magician and wizard and immortal. He brought, along with his kind, magic and civility to Daventry and the surrounding world. He lived through the Grand War. During the war he sought to commit his power to the cosmos, having blamed himself for the extent of the war, in particular the magic that had been used to exacerbate the death toll. It was because of the death toll that he chose to render himself mortal, an action which proved to be his last. He died defending his kingdom (some believe he took his own life, and others believe he was betrayed). His petrified form was discovered on the highest point of His realm, and was buried there. Though some claim he still lives.

His brother, Morgeilen, vanished soon after the discovery during the Grand War, presumed killed, later becoming the Father. He resented his brother and coveted his power. Legenimor's first knight Granthithor became the successor to the crown.

Legenimor's face appears on all the coins that come from the Magic Chest of Daventry.

Legenimor's TreasuresEdit

Legenimor created several ancient treasures which left for his descendants.

  • Magic Chest (a box that never runs out of gold coins. Each coin bears the face of the First King)
  • Magic Shield (a shield that makes the user invincible to most threats)
  • Crown (the symbol of rulership of Daventry, and used to find the Item)
  • The Item (an object that can be used to unlock the power of Legenimor)
  • Green Orb (an orb of power capable of healing the kingdom during times of crisis)

Behind the scenesEdit

It may actually be possible that Legenimor was actually defeated during the Grand Wars (betrayed, perhaps by his own brother), rather than voluntarily giving up his powers to the heavens as once suggested. KQ3R seems to suggest that at first Morgeilen and Legenimor were on the same side in the war, but that he later betrayed him. It maybe possible that Legenimor gave up his powers, in order to prevent his brother from betraying the rest of his allies.

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