Leopards are a species of large cat.


The consort of Genesta is a snow leopard.

The Arch Druid wears the head and skin of a leopard.

Behind the scenesEdit

The term 'leopard' appears in KQ4. The name of the species of cat that the Arch druid wears is not mentioned in game, but the spot pattern is that of the earth's leopard. Leopards may sometimes be confused with two other large spotted cats, the cheetah and the jaguar. However, the patterns of spots in each are different: the cheetah has simple spots, evenly spread; the jaguar has small spots inside the polygonal rosettes; while the leopard normally has rounder, smaller rosettes than those of the jaguar. The leopard is larger and much more muscular than the cheetah, but slightly smaller and more lightly built than the jaguar.[1][2]

The spot pattern in KQ6 dos version are largely just a mess of black specks, that could represent cheetahs or leopards. It is is undefined to tell for sure.

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