The Leprechaun King (aka King of the Leprechauns) is the king of the Land of the Leprechauns.


He resided in the Hall of the Leprechaun King with his Leprechaun citizens. He had the magic shield by his throne. Graham made him leave (or be left without an entourage[1]) thanks to four leaf clover he found and the music of the fiddle. Graham took his scepter.

The King and his people were apparently driven out of their land, and the town of Daventry built above their island.

The Leprechaun King later attended Graham's Wedding to Queen Valanice in the Monastery of the Blessed Wilbury in Kolyma.

Personality and traitsEdit


  • Leprechaun King
  • The King

Behind the scenesEdit

The king is similar King Brian in Darby O'Gill and the Little People. In the movie at one point Darby plays a fiddle faster and faster until the king and all the leprechauns dance there way out of the king's underground hall, and then ride out for the hunt.


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