The Light is a force of nature opposed to the Dark.


The Light carries the soul through the darkness and into the light of a new dawn. With light Hope and Faith can serve humanity. The precept of Light is "A mind enlightened gains the Light of Life. One of the three symbols of the Mask of Eternity along with Truth and Order.

Light represents knowledge, but that of goodness. Light is associated with the Good, as Evil is associated with the Dark.

The universe is concerned with the fine balance between the Light and the Dark, within the eternal war between Good and Evil.[1]

Those who do evil abhor the light.

It is sometimes said that when all is darkness, the faintest light will shine the brightest.[2] The spirits of the light, can brighten the darkness of the night.

Behind the scenesEdit

It would seem that while Graham and his family are associated with Good, that Connor is strongly associated with Light. Thus his destiny is highly intertwined with that of the Royal Family as far as saving the world. Both powers are strongly intertwined with each other. Likewise while the forces of Evil are lead by the dark wizard Manannan, Lucreto would take up representing the Darkness, the codependent force associated with the Evil. In fact Lucreto's association to evil is so strong that he is also known as the Evil One. Derek pointed out that the final winner of each battle would determine the course their world until the next crisis arrives, and the fight was renewed again with new players. In this case both Connor and Lucreto took up the banner of new players.


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