Llewdor College is a place of higher learning in Llewdor.


The location of the college is not clear, nor who actually teaches there. But apparently Alexander attended it at one point during his life. The college does not teach Latin, so Alexander had to figure out Roman numerals for himself.[1]

Growing up Alexander was taught how to read by Manannan. It was through Manannan's library that he learned about the outside world. Upon reaching his seventeenth Birthday, alexander began to sneak down the mountain. He began to chase girls, and hang out in town: Port Bruce[2]. Perhaps this is when he was able to attend the college and receive extra education. At the time he didn't know it, but his days were numbered. As he got closer to his eighteenth birthday he knew he would likely die.[3]

It's possible that Manannan was a professor at the college. Gwydion may have been distance learning student enrolled at the college, forced to learn from Manannan's house. Gwydion was not taught Latin to avoid him reading the magic books written in that language. Regardless, apparently Alexander has learned some Latin on his own.

Perhaps David of Bruce attended Llewdor College before attending the Royal University in Daventry (however Bruce had lived in Daventry since at least his childhood and attended Palace School, so it seems unlikely that he ever returned to Llewdor).

Behind the scenesEdit

Perhaps the college is located in Port Bruce proper, however it is known that Gwydion was largely taught at Manannan's house. Or perhaps Manannan's House may be the location the college.

It's worth noting while its claimed that he began to 'chase girls', he only met his first woman at the Tavern in Port Bruce, see Prince Alexander's Own Story! Exclusive Interview.


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