Llowh'wof's Journal was a journal written by the evil Monk Llowh'wof discovered in the Church of the Faith. It contained entries about the Monk's plot against Caldaur.


First entryEdit

It is frustrating, as always, dealing with Count Caldaur and his ilk. He is just like his father, perhaps even worse. He insists that Kolyma be "pushed forward" to enlighten the peasantry. Can he not see that this path leads to ruin?

How can the people retain their moral goodness if their minds are filled with knowledge of the wider world and all of its sin?

Next entryEdit

I am quite convinced that Caldaur is blinded by his so-called vision for Kolyma that he cannot see the folly of his intentions. And yet, he is the Lord of Kolyma. To publicly refute him would create confusion and anger in the people.

I am a man of patience, the greatest gift His Grace has granted me. Perhaps time will settle this young lord's idealism and grant him sense in the process.

Final entryEdit

A wonderment was discovered in the forest last night! The Spirits of the Wild, long thought to be only of legend, appeared to us and saw fit to grant my brethren and I the most blessed of gifts. Such power we now have! Our forms can be abandoned in favor of any other! And I am to be their leader, their most powerful. They are bound to me, inextricably.

The Spirits have made promises of greater things to come for us. Oh, it fills me with such longing! The endless possibilities. What we will achieve with our abilities! I am restless. I must leave for a time. The moon is full, and I feel the urge to join my pack as they run. Perhaps we will hunt. Perhaps we will kill.

My mind is now clear, and I know the path before us. It is a path that shall lead us to greatness, and it will begin with the destruction of our nemesis! But now, I no longer have the patience to write. I must run. I must hunt. I must...

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