Llowh'wof's letter is a letter that was written inside a page of the Bible (unofficial). It is written by the monk Llowh'wof, the leader of the Brotherhood of the Pack.


To all of those who have heard the Word,
We are the chosen few, blessed by the Spirits of the Wild. Destined for greatness, concealed by the cloth, there is but one challenge we must overcome before our future can be set in stone.
The simple people of Kolyma cling still to the memory of their former ruler. Even now, years after his fate's dark turn, they retain their hope that he will not forsake them. As long as this is so, our goal cannot be attained.
So, my Brothers, it is our duty to see the land cleansed of its blight. Do not fear our enemy; our Faith, Purpose and Power will guide us to the future we were promised.
A path has been found to him, oh Brothers! Let him hear the warning howls. The cloth will be lifted for all time, and our songs will echo the end of him, his influence... and his family.
Our time is at hand.

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