Look is an important command in many of the early KQ games (typed in the parser), and represented by an 'eye' in the later games or simply integrated into the single parser in KQ7/8.

In many of the games it may be context sensitive, requiring the player to be near an object before the player can actually look at it, or the game may give an alternate generic description when far away. For example in KQ1, in some of the rooms the closer you were to certain trees might give different description than if you look at 'tree' from further way. In KQ5 one must be close to the boat for Graham to examine the boat and find the hole, but far away will only describe the appearance of the boat. A player is reminded to try different things at different lengths from anything they plan to look at.

In first game it was required to also type "look room" to get the global description of the room, where as just 'look' would give a generic error message. KQ2 standardized look to give a generic global description of the room.

In some games such as KQ1AGI; looking at an object might give a 'random' description. For example on some screens "look tree", might give 2-3 different generic descriptions from anywhere in the screen. This can be seen by just standing in one place and typing 'look tree' multiple times in a row, too see the various messages.

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