Lord Coningsby (aka Coninsby[1]) was a former citizen of Innsmouth, and former Lord of the Manor of Whateley Manor from before the days of Wilbur Whateley. He became the Lord of the Manor Ghost.


He was a war hero, and lost his leg in battle, and received a wooden leg, and walks with a cane. Likely related to the Whateley family. After his wife the Lady Coningsby died he buried her in the Whateley Cemetery. After he died he was buried next to his wife, before the cemetery was brought over from the other world.

His gravestone reads;

Lord Coningsby
Sleepeth here in peace:
an honorable man, a valiant soldier.
He served his country well.

He haunted the mansion pacing back and forth on his cane and wooden leg. Rosella calmed his soul by returning his Medal of Honor.


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