The Love poem is an item in KQ6. It is acquired at Ali's Books when the bookseller says that it has fallen out of the poetry book two times already and that he is tired of gluing it back into place. See Love Poetry.

Transcript Edit

What was it when I looked at you?

What power has chained me through and through

and binds my heart with links so tight

I cannot live without the sight of you?

What nameless thing has captured me

and made me powerless to flee?

What thing is it without a name

that brings my mind e'er back the same to thee?

The name of love cannot apply.

Its commonness does not descry

the haunted, hunted, painful cry

that my heart makes for you,

that e'er my soul eternal makes for you.

Alternate (also located on the page he could keep[1])

I cry out and cannot find you,

I reach out and you are not there.

If I cannot have you with me,

There is no peace for me anywhere.

If this is love, then love has killed me,

For without my love, my heart is slain

Through all the world I search for you

To make me whole again.

Behind the scenesEdit

This page is known as the 'Love poem' or 'love poem' in the KQ6 hintbook.

Ali observes that the book has "lost another page", but he has glued it back in place two times already. This would imply the book lost that page before.

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