Lugmut was an imp in the sorrowing court.


During the journey back to the Sorrowing Court following the capture of Ahi'aorina, he noticed that she didn't look good, and that she needed to rest. Kuzgu told him to shut up, that she looked good enough, and that she should sing.[1]

He was with another set of Imps including Rotzok, and Pobnuz that tried to take Graham thinking he was the slizard to the kitchen. Instead of being knocked out along with Rotzok and Pobnuz, he chose to help Graham out, in stopping Kuzgu. Later on the journey back to Daventry, he left with Slizard to live in Zakizga.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Lugmut is one of the taller imps. He also seems to show more care and compassion than other imps.


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