A Lump of Coal is a treasure to the Queens of Chessboard land. Considered worthy of being given as a wedding present.


Many lumps of coal could be found in a pit on the Isle of the Mists. Alexander took one and gave it to the Red Queen Blanche to stop her quarreling with Ruffina, the Red Queen, over the one they currently had. In return, Blanche handed Alexander the Rotten Egg. As the queens walked down the path, Alexander overheard Ruffina complaining that the lump of coal was bigger than hers. Alexander just shrugged his shoulders.

Behind the scenesEdit

This item is known as the 'Lump of Coal' in the King's Questions. It is known as the 'Coal (lump of)' in the KQ6 Hintbook.

The Lump of Coal refers to two important items, the national treasure held by the Red Queen, and the inventory item given to White Queen.

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