Madeline is the princess and later queen of Avalon.


She is the friend of Acorn, and she was hiding under his armor. Can be seen within Chivalry Contest pre-talking, in the Theater. Acorn plays with her, while noone watches (in the background).

It appears that she maybe leading an invasion of Daventry during the Knight Tournaments, with Acorn as her champion. This is hinted by Acorn's comments of taking over and turning Daventry into a squirrel ally, turning it into a squirrel nation, and in victory everything that the light touches in Daventry would be hers. Still even in Acorn's loss, Graham befriends both Acorn and Madeleine and does become one of her allies.

Later after Graham becomes king, along with her court seek diplomatic audiences with the newly crowned king..

Titles and NicknamesEdit

  • Princess Madeline of Avalon
  • Miss Madeline
  • The Princess
  • Princess Madeline
  • Miss Princess Madeline
  • Queen Madeline of Avalon

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