The Magic Bowl (also known as the Refill Bowl) was one of the stolen treasures (aka lost treasures) of Daventry during his quest to find the Magic Mirror (KQGS). He took it back to the castle, where he used it to eat never-ending beef stew.

Much later in his life, as an old man Graham learned how to rig the magic bowl into making other foods such as his famous choco-chip pancakes.

Behind the scenesEdit

It's worth noting in the original games, that Graham gave the bowl away in order to obtain the 'fiddle' from the Woodcutter family. As such its not possible for Graham to have both the fiddle and the bowl at the end of the story. In this universe it appears although he found the bowl he did not give it up to anyone, and instead kept it, but that he still received the fiddle by other means, perhaps he was able to buy it (with other found treasures) or trade for it with other goods.

The coloring of the bowl appears to be based on the on screen sprite before you pick up the bowl in KQ1 AGI. It's slightly more colorful in the KQ1SCI artwork.

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