Graham collected many treasures over the years of his adventuring (both as Knight and King). He collected it after playing a jig for the leprechauns.

The Magic Shield has protected Daventry for years. He put it on display near his statue in the King's Glen.[1] Later, the Magic Shield was kept in old man Graham's bedroom.

The shield apparently was charred a little and damaged by the mysterious fire that was burning Graham's memorial effigy. But it was not beyond repair.

Behind the scenesEdit

While the shield appears in Graham's bedroom, and title screen: However there is no reference to it within the first chapter. Also it doesn't look as if Daventry is suffering from any invasions by other nations at the time of Graham's teen years (other than an invasion by underground stone goblins). The kingdom is roughly peaceful, the worst things happening is that the townspeople are going poor (Edward is not paying them), but has a large guard force (which Edward has chosen to pay for rather than upkeep of the kingdom). Beyond a strike with the Troll Guild, and a unwanted moat monster, the loss of soldiers training in the Dragon Cave, there isn't much else 'dangerous' going on in the kingdom directly.

In chapter 1, there is no indication that the shield was stolen, as there is clearly is with the Magic Mirror. The fact that the kingdom is largely in peace, and even described as remaining largely peaceful throughout most of Graham's knighthood (following the tournament), there is no evidence it was ever stolen in this universe.

If this was stolen from Edward, based on comments in Chapter 2 it would seem it was stolen some point after the knight tournament and before the Chapter 1 prologue, and was recovered before the magic mirror. On the other hand the reference to 'stolen treasures' could refer to a number of other items such as the 'magic bowl', pouch of diamonds, scepter, etc.

Chapter 3 makes reference to the jig Graham played to get the shield.

In Chapter 4 it seems to suggest he found the Magic Shield over the course of years during one of his many adventures, even that it could have occured after he became king.

A cut and unused line in chapter 5 is even more specific that he played a jig with leprechauns to get the shield.


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