The information from this article is from the fan game s or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.


In the unofficial KQ3 remake Manannan's map had no latitude and longitude lines. But rather it appears as an old fashioned hand-drawn map of a land that he is currently in. It was only capable of recording 4-5 locations on the map in color as soon Gwydion discovered them. He could only travel between those limited locations, so the map was somewhat less powerful than the one in the official game.

The map would take Alexander to the top of Manannan's mountain, saving him the long trip to the top. Some see this as a fix to a problem with the AGI version, that the game designers fixed. Although in the original it was intentional to make things more challenging.

Gwydion would not use the map in public out of fear that it might be discovered for what it was. In the version 2 patch of the game, it could be used at sea, and showed the ship's course.

Also, Alexander could use the map in Daventry to take him to the top of the mountain to kill the three-headed dragon instead of going the through the long, familiar path seen in KQ I. But once Alexander got to the top, the map burned to cinders, but it would not be needed again anyway.


The magic map is a magic map of Llewdor. It is only capable of showing the places in that land. Alexander uses it to travel around the land. It is connected to 4-5 landmarks in that land, and the nearby Llewdorian desert. The map was capable of taking Alexander midway up the mountain. Later the map is taken by the pirates, when they capture Alexander. The First Mate looks at the map, and is teleported back to Port Llewdor.

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