Mama Baker is the mother of the Braker Bros, William, Jym and Tam Baker.


The recipe for the Baker Bros. famous custard pies came from their mother, and was handed down from her mother before her.

She was originally part of the Baker family of minstrels, when she and her husband retired, their children continued on as the Fantabulous Baker Boys until they finally settled in Serenia, and opened the bake house there.

Mama Baker was well respected by the citizens of Serenia. Amanda asked about her she visited the shop to buy a pie as a desert for their dinner.

Their poor mother, hadn't been doing well lately, so William and Jym kept an eye on her.[1] Tam spent most of his time trying to fix the baker's wagon in Serenia towne so that the brothers could start making deliveries again.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Mama" is mentioned by both Amanda and William. She is given more backstory in the King's Quest companion.


  1. Amanda (KQ5): How is your poor, dear mother, William?"", William (KQ5): She hasn't been doing well lately, but my brother and I keep an eye on her. Thanks for asking, Amanda.", "Yes. Made from a recipe handed down from our dear Mama...and her Mama before her.

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