The Man in Town is a character or characters in KQ5.


He is quite busy going about his chores. He wears blue shirt, and violet hat and pants. A blue dark blue feather sticks out of his hat. Tam Baker is also a man in town. He greeted Graham, telling him 'Top o' the morning to you, Sir', and 'Good day'.


  • "Top o the mornin to you, sir!"
  • "Good day!"

Behind the scenesEdit

The 'Man in Town' was played by Barry T. Smith. Its unclear, and the Man in Town could also refer to the man fixing the wagon in town. Both appear to be portrayed by the same voice actor.

The man walking through town ignores Graham in the floppy version. Strangely in the CD-rom version he seems to switch accents depending on what he says.

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