Manannan's Clock is a mysterious time keeping device kept in inside of his house in Llewdor.


The wizard kept a magical device in his house that recorded the passing of time. The time it kept was different from the time normally recognized in Daventry. It apparently runs differently in that universe, slower than it flows in the Other World. Manannan's clock may be some sort of clock from the Other World. It is wondered how he obtained it. It may be connected to the mystery of the Eye Between the Worlds; which was apparently Manannan's computer. There seems to be much truth in the Daventry saying that "Any magic, sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from technology."[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

This is a reference to the timer in KQ3. The clock does not appear in the Apple 2E/2C version (but does appear on the Apple II/GS) of the game because of memory limitiatons. Time is suspended while one is checking inventory or pausing the game in any way. As long as Gwydion is moving or doing something, time passes; time stops while the game is paused, you're checking your inventory, or typing commands. A minute of game time is usually much longer than a minute of real time (though this is dependent on the speed of the computer).[2]


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