Manannan's letter was a letter stuck to the bottom of the nightingale cage (unofficial).


My dear sister,

It has been a while since my last letter to you and quite an age since we last spoke. Such are the busy lives we lead. I know of your preoccupation with eliminating your competition and wish you well in that ongoing endeavor. As for my part, the servant I have owned for the past seventeen years is soon to come of age. It will almost be a shame to kill this one, for he is quite adept at his chores. But the tradition must must be observed at all times. I shall require a replacement in the not-too-distant future. Perhaps I should think up a new name for my next slave, though it is much easier when I need only remember one. I've asked The Father to notify me at once, should he hear of any likely candidates. Speaking of which, though it is in no way my place to question the will of The Father (for surely he has the best interest of all his followers at heart), does he not spend so much time locating that item of legend which he has been seeking for almost a millennium? While he is not to be second-guessed, I do wonder. Is he so assured of its existence that he is willing to turn his attention away from his flock for so long a time?

As for our remote brother, he seems increasingly interested in the ladies these days. I believe he has his eye on a royal couple who are expected to conceive a girl within the year - or so the signs say. I must confess, if he's prepared to wait so many long years for the child's maturation before abducting her, then he has far more patience than I.

I await your reply, dear sister, and hope that this letter finds you well. If you have the chance to to speak with the The Father, perhaps you will inquire of his commitment to this item he seeks. I would advise the utmost discretion, naturally.

Your loyal, and by far the better sibling.



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