Mathematics fall under the category of the sciences although magicians may also utilize elements of it for their magic.

Background Edit

As it is said: magic, sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from technology.

Mathematics, like magic, needs faith and belief to operate properly.[1]

Mathematics is taught at the Magicians' Academy, and Farquhar is knowledgeable on the subject as well.

When science became more important in the Other World, humanity began to put more faith in their numbers, philosophies, and technologies than they did magic. The world went out of balance.

Although Graham is learned in many things (especially in the running of his kingdom), mathematics appears to be one of his weak points.[2]


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  2. Would that I could understand these mathematics of which you speak, Lady Thelma! But my knowledge is limited to ruling my fair land of Daventry. Perhaps you could visit Daventry, m'lady Thelma, and teach more of these mathematics. I believe my daughter Rosella would be fascinated by this as well. In truth, I am not very skilled at mathematics and philosophy. I fear I have not studied much of mathematics. Rather, I have spent most of my schooling learning the history of Daventry.

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