The ancient Mausoleum (aka Church Mausoleum) in Daventry town. It is an ancient structure built over site of a centuries old portal leading to the Dimension of Death.


Connor climbed up onto a rocky plateau that lead to a cliff behind the building and took a long jump over to the roof of the mausoleum. After he made the jump, he crossed the roof and dropped down near the entrance. He snuck up behind a spriggan that was guarding the mausoleum (and had fired on him earlier with its crossbow), killed the vile fiend by slicing through its neck with his Dagger allowing him to take its weapon. Later on he learned that a portal, the door of divine origin had recently opened in it as preface to the cataclysm. He found the entrance barred and had to find another way in.

There are forty eight bodies buried in the tomb in four sections of twelve each.

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