Graham rarely thinks of money, for treasure room of Castle Daventry holds more wealth than he could ever possibly need. In Daventry, usually only villains are concerned more with wealth than anything else. Those who speak too often of money may themselves be corrupt.

Daventry uses two known denominations the copper coins and gold coins. But since Graham thinks of 'silver coins' as common, they must be seen in Daventry as well.

In The North and Serenia there are two known currencies Gold coins and Silver coins. Both appear to show the same face at time Graham visited the country (perhaps that of George IV, or Priscilla, or even Kenneth the Huge). Silver being the common currency, and gold worth m ore.

In Llewdor, gold coins appear to be the common currency as well.

In the Green Isles the known currency includes gold coins[1], rupees, and copper coins known as pence.

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