A Mongoose is a predator of snakes. Riki Tiki Tavi is both a mongoose and a spell of iconomancy that turns one into a mongoose.


Mongooses are kept as pets by some because of their docile natures, except when it comes to rats and poisonous snakes. They are the natural prey of mongooses, and they will attack and kill these creatures whenever they come across them. So it is for this reason that they are kept and treasured in domains much afflicted by the creatures.[1]


  • Graham turns into a mongoose in KQV.
  • Riki Tiki Tavi was a mongoose that once lived in the Other World and is the name for a spell of Iconomancy. It is said that his bravery and courage protecting his keepers from a family of cobras are renowned throughotu that universe. Tales of his exploits may have been carried along at a time when some folks who knew the tale withdrew to the world of Daventry. Perhaps he was able to withdraw to Daventry, or mayhaps he became a familiar to an unknown wizard.


  1. KQC3E, 168

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