The Moon is a satellite circling the world of Daventry. Like earth there is but a single moon.

The realm of Eldritch also has a moon, it is made of green cheese.


  • Somethings are difficult to hold, that one might just as well try to hold a moonbeam in your hand!
  • he moon appears to have a face when viewed in the Isle of Wonder. It looks more or less like earth's moon everywhere else.
  • It is easy to see by the light of the full moon.[1]
  • The moons shadows are dark and unfathomable.
  • There is a location in Western Daventry called the Twin Pillars of the Moon.
  • Daventry celebrates the Feast of the Harvest Moon.
  • Daventry judges the kingdom from the Judgment Seat on the first day of the new moon.
  • One of the Magician's Guild's symbols found on their clothing is of a crescent moons and other moon symbols.
  • The Surface Region of the Realm of the Dead is illuminated by the full moon.
  • Leprechauns dance in fairy circles under the full moon.
  • Derek Karlavaegen was asked not to speak of the Green Isles while under a bronze moon.

Behind the scenesEdit

Their are two appearances for the moon item, completely round, or with a bite taken out of it.

The moon of Eldritch is literally made of green cheese. Whereas the moon of Daventry may actually be the literal "Man on the Moon", having its own face, (but more or less the same moon as Earth).

The reference in KQ1SCI to holding a moonbeam in one's hand is a reference to the song Maria from The Sound of Music:

Oh, how do you solve a problem like Maria?
How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?


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