A mountain troll is a race of troll living in mountains


They live inside dark caves in the mountains. Thragaadash is a mountain troll. When the Sorrowing Court reverted back into caves it was magically created from, Thraagadash felt right at home.

They have a large hulking figure with grey skin. They have huge grey hands and a broad body. They are often dressed in strips of poorly tanned skins and leather. The cap that some wear have a few tufts of mangy fur that still hang on.

The features of a mountain troll's face are pressed together in a space no larger than an average human man's hand. Two small red eyes, an even smaller nose, and a pair of ragged ears that we're smashed down almost atop the eyes. The rest if the creatures broad face is taken by a large mouth big enough to eat a bushel basket in one bite. From the wide maw a carious tips and teeth and tusks protrude at all angles. Framing the whole face is a mass of stiff bristles. The belly of a mountain troll distends after a large meal. They can eat anything from rutabagas to humans. They find giants to be too stringy and imps much worse. When hungry mountain trolls are known to forget their friends.

Though they can exist in the light, mountain trolls prefer the dark.   Another mountain troll may have been the troll living in the Troll Cave inside the Impossible Mountains between Tamir and The Swamp of Tamir.

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