Mugwump is a type of incense used by the Witch of the Dark Forest. The incense burner in the Witch House used dried mugwump for fragrance. Fresh mugwump stinks, and standing in it would not be advised.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mugwump is a jocular term for "great man, boss," from Algonquian (Natick) mugquomp "important person" (derived from mugumquomp "war leader"); used since 1884 for Republicans who refused to support James G. Blaine's presidential candidacy, hence "one who holds himself aloof from party politics." May also refer to an independent or neutral person in politics.

Mugwump was also a creature in the novel Naked Lunch.

In 'The Space Quest Companion' there is a reference to mugwump-flavored nachos.

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