Several games in the King's Quest series have multiple endings depending on how the user progresses through the game.

King's Quest IIEdit

  • Return to Daventry without Valanice...
  • Return to Kolyma to get married.

King's Quest IVEdit

  • Return to Daventry with fruit.
  • Marry Edgar
  • Return to Daventry without fruit.
  • Saving Hen (minor change in ending text).

King's Quest VIEdit

King's Quest VI has many possible endings depending on the actions of the player.

Actions Which Affect The OutcomeEdit

  • Meeting Jollo
  • Capturing or killing the genie
  • Sending Cassima the ring
  • Giving the pawn shop owner the pearl in exchange for the ring
  • Doing the long or short quest
  • Discovering the stolen items

King's Quest VIIEdit

Good EndingEdit

For the good ending, revive Edgar using the extra life.

Bad EndingEdit

For the bad ending, either lay the flower on the corpse of Edgar or do nothing at that moment.

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