Mummies are wrapped and preserved corpses. The most well known ones are those of ancient Aegypt & Egypt. They have been known to sometimes become animated and act as guardians to ancient treasure. A mummy shuffles around slowly, constrained by its wrappings.


Almost all cultures, at one time or another have attempted to preserve their dead. Technically, a mummy is simply the preserved remains of a corpse, regardless of whether the preservation was assured by artificial means or natural ones.[1]

There was once an Egyptian priest who was in love with the pharaoh's daughter. He was wrapped like a mummy and buried for his insolence. He returned to life thousands of years later when his tomb was finally opened, and he searched for Tana leaves in order to bring his beloved back to life alongside him. Kharis--that was the poor priest's name--was not evil at all, but all thought of him as a monster, and he ended up acting accordingly. Such is forever the misfortune of the undead.[2] Perhaps this is the mummy buried in Tamir.

The last task Lolotte set upon Rosella was that of finding Pandora's Box. Rosella located it in an Aegyptian crypt built into the side of the Impossible Mountains. The magical box was inside the place, guarded by the undead Egyptian mummy. It was at least a thousand years old. The princess was carrying a black scarab charm at the time and was protected from the creature.[3]

The ghoul kids kept a strange mummy within their home.

Behind the scenesEdit

The mummy Rosella encountered is similar to the ones many people are familiar with in films. Kharis originates from the 1940's mummy series by Universal Studios.


A cartouche, the royal name of a important pharaoh or figure in KQC4 edition. If translated would give the mummy's actual name, or at least the name of the royal figure who buried the mummy (if meant to be a seal or curse). The hieroglyphics in the cartouche maybe reversed (mirror image). The flower should be "sw" (sue, se "him") or "sm" (shema "southern")[4] The next group (made up of two vertical things) next to the flower could be a hm-ntr (servant of the god, priest)

The mummy in KQ4 is known as 'The Mummy' in the KQ4 Hintbook.

The mummy in KQ7, is also known as 'The Mummy' in the credits of the game.

Some of the zombies of KQ8 are listed as "mummies" in the game files.

Seeing as it is nearly impossible to make your way to the crypt unless you have the scarab, the mummy is rather pointless, yet if one uses a teleport cheat and gets there without the scarab and lets the mummy kill you, the death message is the game asking how you possibly pulled that off. Though one version of the game, the mummy is designed to be repelled regardless whether you have the scarab or not.[citation needed]

It is possible to get to the crypt without the scarab letting the ingame clock progress to night time on its own, and by getting past the zombie that guards the front door to the mansion. This requires moving close enough to the front door to the mansion to open it, but far enough that the zombie won't grab onto Rosella. When the door opens, the player will be close enough to load inside the mansion. This will allow the player to start the ghost quests. The other challenge involves digging up the graves while zombies are stuck behind obstacles such as trees, tombs and gravestones. Do this successfully, and the player can then enter the crypt once they have the key.

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