Necromancers are a type of Magic users.


Necromantic magic is derived from the dead, either raising the dead, summoning the spirits of the dead, communicating with the dead, or creating undead minions.

Necromancers are practitioners of magic that come in flavors of good and evil, and the shades of black and white. Some follow the Left-Hand and others the Right-Hand paths.[1]

Some necromancers are members of the Society of Wizards. Many necromancers are former members of the Magician's Guild. Lord Tsepish named his horse Necromancer.

Merlin was a great necromancer.

Mordack is capable of throwing spells potent enough to defeat great necromancers with just the wave of his wand. Though it is not known if he himself is a necromancer: however the 'Blue Meanie' henchman may have been a fleshy construct/abomination created by Mordack from extra flesh and body parts originating from Dink.

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